The best time…

The BEST hour at work is LUNCH HOUR!!!

Yep, that is exactly how I felt! It’s like a total FREEEEEEEE bird!


Coz I find the people i my department not that friendly. Well, maybe that is because I work with them. And being in an office. Closed-up. Air Conditioned. Dim. Makes me feel lethargic all the time. Not like I can have lunch with them as well. Coz there are ony 3 of us. We can’t all go out at once coz “someone” always has to be in, just in case any student/parent comes. Especially at this peak season.

At my usual lunch hours, I lepak in the pantry. With the people from other departments and I have to say, I LOVE IT! We shared, talked, laughed, talked again, eat. It’s the time where we can enjoy one another’s company without feeling all the rush and stress from work. It’s “the” place I’d like to be in this workplace and I get to express and be myself. Probably it is good to have flexible lunch hours. I’m not complaining of late lunches or anything. Sometimes, of course, I feel starved. Then again… the pantry has FOOD. All kinds. Hahahaha… I have to say, I eat most of it! Who doesn’t love food? I do!

So… look forward to your lunch hours and don’t forget to bring an apple! That was totally random! :p


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