Beautiful Wednesday

Today was my 2nd last day of going for school education fairs. SMK Kepong Baru. I was so tired since the morning. Probably coz I did not get enough sleep as well… my body was feeling so lethargic and I really felt like sleeping. Just… let… me… sleep… ZZzzZZzzz…

This was exactly what I felt like doing… but of course not. So I dreadfully held on from 2pm to 5pm. Made myself walk around the college… breathe and stay awake. Left office at 5.15 pm and there was a but of traffic on the highway… luckily I didn’t fell asleep while driving but I could. I know I could!

Reached TCV for RPM and voila! Adrenaline rush… It is true that somehow, when you start to exercise, after a tired day from work, you will suddenly have that boost and energy. Of course it might not happen if you are sick or just too tired from doing anything. So yeap, I enjoyed the class but oh boy… my chest! Blame BODYPUMP! I took my regular weights yesterday and felt the soreness. Especially on the chest.

Oh don’t get me wrong… I complain but I enjoy the pain. Coz it tells me that I’ve worked hard. Haha! I find it hard to grip the bike at RPM coz I can’t close my chest… stretching it felt better but it was so sore…@.@

After that I TT Lose It! with Ben and it was so good to see so many members in the class. I’ve still a lot to learn… much to study and much to improve on. Nevertheless, glad that the members got what they need and seeing them work hard is such an inspiration and it reminded me of what I used to do last time when I was obese. Yes… I weighed 89 KILOS!

Tomorrow is gonna be a BODYCOMBAT marathon for me. Call me crazy but I am looking forward to it! BC 48 is here to stay and burn!!! I wonder how many kCal per class as instructors. Anyone knows for sure? I believe it is more than running on the treadmill itself!

I know it contrasts to what I’ve said earlier. About being so tired and stuff. But when it comes to teaching? I love every moment of it! I wanna push myself harder on stage. Burn those calories and get fitter and stronger. I will have my recovery 🙂 2 days off gym after that. Reason 1: I am attending my former school’s band concert. Reason 2: I will be “WORKING” on Saturday. Travelling down to Wesley Methodist School, Ipoh. Go and come back in 1 day… *sigh* maybe it isn’t that bad I hope. Luckily I have Benni going with me. Thank you BenniBoo! :-*

So… speaking of working harder in the gym… I need to see the scale going down! HELP!

Get fitter guys… for health and for your family. Just spend 1 hour to exercise, could give you few years of life. Life’s a great journey, live it!


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