Good student?

That is one question I ask myself when I’m at my Monday lectures… it is always, most of the time, ok fine! Sometimes… boring! Hahaha…

The subject changes every 3 weeks and an assignment as well. So far this year we had  assignments and I’ve yet to hand in any of it! It’s already end on June. But today… today…. I DID IT! I handed in one of them 🙂 that’s coz I had plenty of time to actually sit and do it. It felt so good that I finished and it drives me to become a better student.

I am on MC this 2 days (Mon& Tues) and it is given by the hospital. MCKL cannot deny me of this! Having said that, I still went to office today. Mainly coz I need to return the bags and stuff I took to Ipoh for a fair on Saturday. The other half day, went to TDMC to get my x-ray report and then went home to rest.

Tomorrow, still ON MC. But I’m gonna go onto office for the first half of the day again. Just to clear my things and say good-bye to my current colleagues. I will miss some of them 😦 but we all will move on. This place is not for me. I felt such a heavy burden lifted off my shoulders 🙂 After a long time of contemplation, I’m glad that I’ve made this decision. The great thing of it all moving so quickly, is because God is in it! Thank you Jesus!



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