1 Week

It has been a week since I left my job at MCKL. When in the midst of thinking if it was the right move to do, I remember being very afraid that I might be making a mistake and very unsure of the outcome.

Now… I can proudly say, I AM GLAD I DID IT! Yes… I actually can feel that burden lifted of my shoulders and finally doing something that is more meaningful in my life. Currently, Fitness First certainly doesn’t feel like merely a job but part of my life! What’s the best part is, that it found me. Not that I found it. I still remember just about 6 weeks ago, I poured out my heart about the troubles I have at work and what I wanted to do. Something more, something worth it. And it was definitely God-planned. Never thought that a simple meet up that came out of a sudden, last minute even because of a tiny matter of an iPod. WOW!

Every job has it’s pros and cons. I’m too raw to say it’s all good. But for now, it’s been good and I am loving every minute of it. Yes, I do complain about all the emails and communications and things happening here and there. Planning, schedule-ing, meetings, traveling, etc etc. But this is not a complain “complain”. It is an “I LOVE IT” complain šŸ˜€

How else should I explain it? There’s no need to explain. Those who can see, then let them see. I’ve only been here few days, literally. But I have learnt so much that it felt long enough. There’s more to it. More challenges, more obstacles. Having said these, does not mean that it’s all gonna be bad. Every problem has a solution. If it is unsolvable by human, then let God do it. He CAN do all things, right? What’s the worry then?

Right now, I have this on my face.

Not that I an not tired from work. Oh, I am! The hours are just the same, maybe even more. But somehow, I’m okay with it. Like for example, yesterday I had Bible class from 8-10pm. My usual Monday night class. Normally I would go home after work, shower, eat, nap if can, then go or class. It made me feel soĀ lethargicĀ and I was so tired almost every week and I just wanted to quit. Now I thank God I didn’t. Yesterday I went for the class straight away from MML. Stayed back after meeting for some work and guess what? I didn’t feel as tired or unhappy as I used to be. I am actually happy! I actually felt good about it.

I am not gonna be foolish and say it is ALL GOOD and all that. Probably months from now, I might actually be complaining “complaining”!!! But hey… it hasn’t happen so why anticipate that? Now is now and since I am at this moment, let me enjoy it as much as I can. I AM HAPPY! It is a different kind of happy that I cannot explain. I AM HAPPY!

If there was a way I can make my smile bigger, I’d have to do this.

Hahahahahaha! Alright. It has been a long long day and I am very tired. It’s bedtime…


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