Where do you stand?

Some people just talk too much. Or play too much.

Believe it or not, I used to be one too. 

I don’t know if I have stopped, but I am still learning. It is not just something to learn overnight. It could take a lifetime and sometimes you only realize it after you’ve done it. I’m not saying that I am perfect but we all have our ups and downs.

Well, for me, it is a constant reminder to have humility and be humble. It could be the worst thing to do when people are just talking and not listening. Have you ever thought, how does a leader be a leader? I’ve always believed that if you want to lead something, you must be able to “be lead” before. Just like I mentioned on Facebook before, that in order to teach others, you gotta be teachable first.

Sadly, some people are very judgmental. They judge you through your looks, behavior, and worse, your age. We can never stop them from doing that, coz it is the “nature” of being human. But do we really need to prove ourselves? Na’ah… I don’t think so. I’ve heard this saying from somebody. She said “you do not need to explain/prove whatsoever if a person decides not want to listen or just want to go their own way”. As long as you know what you are doing, that’s fine. In time, the results will prove it. When we try to explain, we end up feeling like this…

Being overwhelmed by too many things!

Everyone’s gotta start somewhere, no? I just wonder, what happen to humility and understanding? When people meet, where is the respect for one another? There is a time for everything. A season for everything. But when it’s time to stop, just stop. Time to shut up… just shut up. I seriously don’t care about the experiences or what was done before, but now is NOW. Things change. Don’t you think it’s like a barking dog to the ear?

Anyhow… respect gotta be earned. Have you ever felt like this : Just when you start to respect a person or thought they deserve to be respected, the moment when they can’t be serious, keep going on and on, you just lose respect for them?

I’ve had this. All respect has gone down the drain. Why? Coz when I don’t feel respected, you will not gain my respect either. And once it is done, it’s very VERY hard to regain it. Just like trust… takes a long time to build but once broken… it’s back to square one. This may also lead harassment. When they can’t control what they say or do.

I have to admit, I can’t stand it. I am a pretty protective person. I am protective over the people I care about. If respect is not given to the person I care, you lose my respect too.

You can say I am being a little too sensitive about it or too emotional. Maybe… I’m not denying it. But I really believe in respect and integrity. Respect first and you will gain respect. It takes time, it takes effort.

Regardless of your age or experience or status, respect is needed in a community. Once we’ve mastered it, I bet it could be a much better place to be. I found this while searching in Google about respect. In the nature form or Martial Arts, it is all about respect too.

It is almost 2AM now… and I just needed to get it off my chest. Sleep well and think about how wonderful would it be if respect was part of our lives!






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