One Month

It has been almost a month since my last post. I have been so busy that I barely have time to blog what’s on my mind. But today… I must!

Many events have passed since my last post. Miracle, The Rebirth & Sh’bam Open Night Launch, ES/EM training. All Fitness First’s events. Hmmmm, maybe that is why I’ve been so busy. I am not gonna post pictures or report on those events. Why? Coz you can find that in my FB. WordPress is like my diary or rather my “blah out” place when something happened.

Alright, where to begin?

It has been more than one month, ten days since I’ve changed jobs and it has been an amazing journey. I’ve learnt so much that I do not know where to start! Met all kinds of people (literally…), spoke all kinds of words, slept so late at night, wake so early in the morn. And not to mention, messed up my hormones,  SERIOUSLY! But right now from where I am, it’s starting to stabilize. Things going pretty smooth and at least I am not lost or blur. I have to say… there’s a lot of hands on training here. No one would actually tell you how to do it, when to do it. It just comes and you will be forced to learn it. There isn’t a manual.

I will not say that I am okay with it, but it’s just part of the job. Some things cannot be avoided and so we gotta stay strong. Yeap, that’s it! I figured that it takes a lot of strength physically & mentally to hold a position like this. It can either kill you or make you stronger. I’m glad that my personality allows me to hold on. It is definitely not for the faint hearted. Or you might end up like this!!!

Anyway… I’ve got a surprise call today 🙂

You know sometimes when things are a little down and you start to doubt and get all these crazy thoughts in your mind, somehow something will pull you back and you get on track again? Yup, I got my dose of that today.

What the caller said has encouraged me to go further, to keep up and persevere. There’s nothing more you need, really. Support and encouragement can drive a person’s determination. I am glad that I am able to help in any way. I’ve always told myself that lending a hand, servicing one another is something that we should have in us. It should be a natural habit. Sadly, not everyone can do that. But then again, if you are capable, why not? I don’t lose anything in helping. In fact, I’m not doing what I did to benefit myself, but others. If it does benefit me, then thank God.

Why did I say that?

I had a few QCC to do and already did some. QCC is where we audit an instructor’s class and give them feedback. Bare in mind, QCC is to help them get better, not criticize or judge. It doesn’t make sense if we are to criticize right? HELLO! They teach in your club and you WANT them to be better! I hope that they did not take QCC too personally. So far nothing like that happened, so it’s all good. During feedback, I’ve encountered many different personalities. I began to see what are their goals and why do they teach.

In my own opinion, teaching a class is not about yourself. It’s about your members. They matter more. I shall not go into this in detail, coz I CAN blog a whole lot about it. So in closing, I have a conclusion. I truly & sincerely believe that we need these 3 essentials to make something work/do well in something.


Humility being at number one!

I shall stop here now. It is 11 August today. In exactly 4 months… I will be walking down the aisle and it is the beginning of another chapter in my life.



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