I still miss you…

I was the first thing you see when you opened your eyes

Day and night I made sure that I am by your side

Feeding you six times a day was an experience I will never forget

And after all these years, I would say “I don’t regret!”

I saw you grow and taught you some tricks

Down! Sit! Up! You still try to do it when you were sick

I know you like to eat cheese and bread

And I know you loved taking a nap with me on my bed

You loved biting canvas material and red roses

Sometimes you also sharpen your nails by scratching boxes

When I get home, you never fail to greet me

When I wake, you are also the first thing I see


When you got sick, I didn’t know what to do

No doctor could help and I wished I could save you

It breaks my heart seeing you condition getting bad

After all that I’ve tried, I was helpless and sad

I prepared myself to accept the fact

That one day you will be gone and never come back

I never knew that the day could be today

There is so much in my mind that I wanted to say


Dear Jack, know that I loved you very much

And I still do think about you and such

The best memories of us will never be wiped away

You are so special, no price could pay

I hope that you had a good life from the day we met

I love you very much, my beloved baby cat…


I had a great almost 4 years with Jack. I miss you Jackie…
Here’s some of OUR best memories…

Feeding you SIX times a day… I never thought you would survive! U were tiny.

When you first opened your eyes. You must be wondering why I wasn’t looking like you.

You mastered the art of drinking from the bottle.

Your first walk… steady… steady…

Months later… you’re healthy and had very soft fur.

You loved afternoon naps.

You loved my bed more. Stretch before sleep…

It’s been a week since you died. I missed your presence. I love you my baby boy…


2 thoughts on “I still miss you…

  1. Jack may be gone, but never forgotten. The way he lived was more important than how he died, and he will continue to live on in your memories.

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