I barely have time to blog nowadays. And I do not know why… I am just too tired.

Daily schedule seems fine, but it is the fact that when I reach home, I unpack/laundry/pack for next day/internet/Billy-time… it is already midnight and I cannot even think of starting my computer to blog. Though I miss it. I find that it makes me express more from a busy day or just to get some stuff off my chest.


I have so much to say, but not gonna say it all. Just whatever that comes to my mind.

I am starting to get used to work. The little little tiny details that need attention and also starting to think bigger. Not just on the surface, but dig deeper and see future results. It is not an easy task. Sometimes I feel that I am too new and very blur/unsure on a lot of things. Expectations that I cannot meet and it scares me how fast the bus is running.

I’m like a raw piece of meat!

Having said that, I am glad I went through it. Experience is the best teacher. Just like BC49 track 2 says “What doesn’t kill me only will make me stronger”. So whatever that I’ve been through, good or bad, will make me stronger. A lot of positiveness needed here.

What I have learnt is to prioritize. Some things are like lucky draw prizes. I WANT ALL OF THEM!

We need to set our priorities right. Some things might be attractive but doesn’t necessarily be good for us to take. My family comes first. I want to make that a point. I am still learning the “how-to’s” and growing to be a more matured person. So… it will all fall into place, with God’s grace and guidance.


Alright, there are many situations of disrespecting someone. I seldom feel disrespected and I don’t think that it should be something so hard to practice. It should be a natural process and a habit we all do in our daily lives. Today, I felt disrespected.

I disliked the way that person replied to my question. And I disliked the way that person looked at me. And I also dislike that person’s attitude. I did not ask a stupid question. I asked because I was concerned and I was given the instruction to do something for that person, and this is what I get? Yes, it may be a personal preference thing, but it doesn’t take a genius to realize that you are such an egoistic person and the way you talk, puts people off and it doesn’t matter if you are good at what you do.

For example, you might be a SUPERHERO, but if your attitude sucks… sorry, I am not buying it. You can fool the world but someday, it will come back to you. I tried to overlook it and just let it go. But whenever I see you, it goes back to square one. Right now, all I can say is: Whatever, don’t matter. I practice integrity. It is just sad that you don’t.

Right. Now that is OFF my chest!

I know I’m being a little random on this post. 

I am gonna have a good sleep tonight 🙂 Coz I had a great EASYSTEP class and sweated a bucket! No joke! It is only my 3rd solo class and I am glad it turned out good. More great things coming in line this week! Stay positive…


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