Thank God for U-turns

I’ve had so many crappy days this month and what? It’s only been 15 days… =.=”
People always say that no matter how crappy days are it is because we chose it. We chose to feel crappy about it and we let it eat us. Is that really true?

Sometimes a serious of unfortunate events does happen. For me it did-today. When things happen not the way we want it to be, there is little we can do. Often we sulk and complain about it. Let it eat us and ruin our day. I admit I complained and that makes me human. No matter how hard I strive for perfection, it never comes…

It was today, at a point of desperation I cried out and said “Goddddd… please make a way… I need to get there and I really… don’t… wanna… be… here!”
I felt like this I could rip off my hair and it’s this frustration/failure feeling that I hate most!

I’ve been looking forward to a Wednesday that is different from other Wednesdays but it seems to not be the plan. So yea… being stuck and not knowing what to do.

At that moment-there was a U-turn sign. I remember my eyes was like and quickly I went on my way. I believe that God heard me!

So… thank God for U-turns in life. He gives us 2nd chances and He opens a way for us to walk back to Him. I thank God for what He had done… things which sometimes I cannot understand with my human mind. Yet I believe His blessings will flow and He cares. So what could happen?

When in chaos – Lord, be the wind in my sails and calm the stormy seas.

and He says… “… be still, and know that I am Lord!”

Faith is like a muscle. The more you feed it, the bigger it’ll get!

I am imperfect. Many many flaws. I guess the danger is when we start to fear ourselves and forget who we are. Someone always said “don’t lose your identity”. I won’t, because I am changing to be better. I am growing to be a more mature and responsible person. With these changes… maybe my identity would change. Because my priorities might change too. Only time would tell. We’ll see…


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